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Our 2023 Fresh Produce Market starts July 15th, 8am-12pm

Family Dinner Thursdays - 4-6PM. Everyone welcome!

2022 Seedling Sale

All orders can ONLY be picked up on Saturday May 13th, 2023

9am-1pm at our farm:

Biindigen Hub - 785 Britannia Ave, Hamilton (behind St. Helen's School )


Organic/ heirloom seedlings grown in the East end of Hamilton! All proceeds from our seedling sale go to running our farm, employing community members and help us to feed our community!


We are offering:

  1. Ghost Red Peppers (The Red Ghost Pepper aka Bhut Jolokia chili was at one point the hottest pepper in the world!)
  2. Magnum Orange Habaneros
  3. Cayenne pepper
  4. Jalapenos Raam
  5. Ancho Pablanos
  6. Chocolate Habaneros
  7. Hungarian Hot wax pepper
  8. Super Chili

Hot Peppers - 8 Varieties

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