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Pat Reid

Pioneer of farm and longtime volunteer and neighbour.

Pat Reid is a McQuesten neighbour and long time volunteer. at McQuesten Urban Farm and the McQuesten Community Planning Team. Pat alongside other with other McQuesten residents dreamt up this community farm and brought it to life with the help of the City Of Hamilton and our community partners. 


"The farm has satisfied my desire to homestead. Now in some small way, mission accomplished." Pat


Looking for workshops on: cooking skills, child-friendly

programming and on food preservation?

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Food-based workshops for families, kids and adults


 Come learn how to cook, bake, preserve and make

the most out of your fresh produce !


Class/ workshop topics: Cooking, baking, fermenting, pickling, freezing, dehydrating, etc.

We are always open to suggestions.

Make sure to check out the Niwasa program schedule 

for upcoming workshops!

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Our Annual Seedling Sale Store is now closed!

Fresh Produce Market Starts Saturday July 6th, 8am-12pm @ Biindigen Hub

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